Bsit Ambassadors

Do you want to increase your number of invitations? Become an Ambassador: we help you contact parents, win gifts and multiply your babysitting opportunities!

How does it work?

1. You create you Ambassador code in Bsit

2. You give it to the parents of your choice

3. You appear first in their search results. It's easy for them to invite you, and as soon as you babysit for them, you'll be recommended to their friends as well!

Advantage 1 - It brings you more invitations and more sittings:

Advantage 2 - You earn Sitties you can exchange for gifts when a parent does their first 3 sittings with your code:

1st sitting = 100 sitties
2nd sitting = 80 sitties
3rd sitting = 60 sitties

All gifts are on the Bsit Shop >

Gift of the moment: 1st sitting for a parent = 100 sitties = 10€ on


Advantage 3 - Parents will be offered access to Bsit’s babysitting services for their 1st babysitting on the app (no need for a subscription) with your code.

Some things to help you on your mission:

on how to meet parents
to talk like a pro
you can hand out

Join our Facebook group

We have also created the Bsit Ambassadors Facebook groups so we can exchange about the program, give advice and answer your questions:

Do you have an idea/suggestion to make the Ambassador program even more useful? Write a post there, or send us an email at!