How to present Bsit to parents

Get parents to use Bsit, receive more invitations and become the best Ambissittor in the whole universe!

In order to expand your network of parents and introduce yourself better, here is a recap of the various advantages of Bsit that can make their lives easier, and a short example of speech to help get the conversation started!



Speech example

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- + Find babysitters close to home, quick and easy

Geolocation allows parents to contact babysitters living nearby.
The 'My Sitters' category lets them invite their favorite babysitters in one click.

- + Organize your babysittings efficiently

The in-app chat system, history, precise counting of the price and calendar help parents and babysitters organize their babysittings better.

- + Find recommandations from friends and close ones

Trust is at Bsit's heart. By sharing their phone contacts with the app (no worries, it's encrypted!) and thanks to the Circles functionality, parents can see the ratings given to babysitters by the community, by their friends and by members of the Circles they belong to (sport clubs, colleagues, associations etc).

- + Pay through the app

A feature much appreciated by parents: they can pay for the babysitting in one click. No need to go out to the ATM or to dig pockets for small change. The money will be transferred on your account in two working days. Provided you put your IBAN in the app, of course ;)

- + Add a complementary insurance

For 1€ only, parents can add a complementary insurance to their babysittings. It covers you (during the babysitting and on your way) and the kids from all scratch and bruises.



Speech example

This is obviously something you shoud adapt and make your own, but it gives you a starting point :)

“Hello Madam/Sir,

My name is XXX and I'm a babysitter. I have a very interesting babysitting solution for parents who want to make their lives easier.

I have been a babysitter for XXX years and have registered on Bsit. It's a mobile app you can download from the Appstore or Google Playstore (just search b-s-i-t).

By entering my code XXX on the app, my profile will automatically be added to your usual babysitters category. You will be able to invite me whenever you need someone for the kids. You will also get 1h free on your first sitting!

Bsit is a collaborative babysitting app that helps you find babysitters near your place and recommended by your friends very easily. It works everywhere in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and in the Netherlands.

What's good about this app is that it allows you to:
> find babysitters in your neighborhood, even at the last minute;
> see the ratings they have been given and which one of your friends (those in your phonebook) have done a babysitting with them - along with how your friends rated them. This is what ensures confidence and trust between parents and babysitters on the app.
> organize your babysittings in a quick and efficient way. For instance, you can pay your babysittings in one click through the app. You can also benefit from the in-app chat system, the calendar and precise counting of the price.

It is free to download on the Appstore and Google Playstore. Bsit works with a subscription formula to fit your needs and habits and answer your specific needs (occasional babysittings, recurring after school sittings, help during the holidays...).

I hope Bsit will make your life easier and that it will makes us see each other again soon!”

The advantages of using the Ambissittor code

By using your Ambissittor code in Bsit:

1. Your profile will be put forward in the parents' search results,

2. They receive 1 hour free for their 1st babysitting,

3. You earn 5€ bonus (usable on the Bsit Shop) for each parent who does their 1st sitting thanks to you. Your profile will then be put forward in their friends' search results as well!

Also, distributing your code accelerates your Sitter career on Bsit:

IMPORTANT: You must Create your code in the app (from the 'Ambissittor' tab) before giving it to parents. It will not work otherwise!

Cards, flyers and posters to do it like the pros

To help introduce yourself and get in touch with parents, you will find customizable material right here: business cards, flyers and posters. They will be very useful to increase your visibility!

Need more ideas? Any tips you can share?

We have created the Bsit Sitters Facebook group to give you more details on the Ambissittor program and help you exchange ideas with other Sitters. See you there!

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