How to meet parents

The key to being a successful Ambissittor is that parents use your code. But how can you find them? Here are a few tips.

Getting ready

First, Create your code in the Ambissittor tab on the app.
Then prepare your speech by reading about the various advantages of Bsit and the Ambissittor code, which will encourage parents to use the app
Finally, you can print and hand out customizable material to distribute your code efficiently.

Contact parents you know

Your close ones are a great way to start: give your code to parents you know so that they add you on the app. Once you do a babysitting with them, their friends will also see you on the app. They also receive 1h free for their first babysitting!

You can also share your code on social media for even more visibility.

Finally, you can give your code to parents you already babysit for if they don't use Bsit yet. This way you'll enjoy all the app's advantages, and after doing a babysitting together, their friends will easily find you as well!

Find more parents

You can hand out flyers, posters and business cards where the parents are: in local shops for example, or schools, bakeries, doctors or even at the market.

Just remember to ask permission to the owners. Tell them a bit about the app, and their customers will be able to easily find you!

Need more ideas? Any tips you can share?

We have created the Bsit Sitters Facebook group to give you more details on the Ambissittor program and help you exchange ideas with other Sitters. See you there!

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