airBsit becomes Bsit

Your mobile application gets a new name!

airBsit becomes Bsit

As you may have noticed, our mobile application gets a new name. Why?

Because some of you thought we were an airline seat booking app?

No, not really.

Because Airbnb asked us to?

Yes, among other reasons.

Because 'Bsit' is shorter and easier?


Instead of starting an endless discussion about who gets to use the “air”, we thought it was a better idea to concentrate on the essential: you.

As from May 24th 2016, we’ll be called Bsit and that’s it! Nothing else will change: neither the app, nor our great community, nor our main objective: to make your life easier!

In short, long live Bsit, the best babysitting app in the whole universe!

Enjoy your babysittings and enjoy your evenings out!

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