Sitter Charter

Valid from: 06/02/2020
(the "Effective Date")

Looking after children responsibly means following some basic rules.

So if you want to avoid bad ratings, follow the guide!

Bsit is an organisation tool: in the end, the parent and babysitters are the one in charge of taking proper care of the kids and using the app in a handy, useful and responsible way.
If you use Bsit, you commit to following this charter: doing so will ensure you have a top-notch experience and no bad rating!


Remember your responsibilities

During the babysitting, you are responsible for the children. They are your top priority!
Don't forget to check that everything's fine when they're in bed and always keep an eye on them when you're outside. On that note: never go out of the house unless it's been discussed with the parents beforehand!
Same thing inside the house: your cellphone and Facebook can manage on their own - children, a little bit less so. Still, remain available if parents want to contact you and keep them updated. A simple 'Everything's fine!' is always welcome!


Remember the rules of the house

Each family has their habits, each home its rules to follow.
Some things are quite natural: no drinking alcohol, no going through the parents' or children's stuff, no entering the parents' bedroom, and avoid tobacco and horror films on TV. But in case you're not sure, just ask the parents! Most importantly, ask about when the children should take their bath or go to bed, their eating habits (do they have any allergies?) etc...
Ask them any question you may have by chat or when you arrive, and ask them if there is anything you should know that they haven't talked about yet - just in case they forget something.


The children's (half-)god you will become

Parents leave home to have a nice time. They like to be sure that their kids will be taken great care of. Prepare stories and games, talk about their imaginary friends, or even better, bring toys of your own! They will love doing something a bit out of the ordinary.
Although it might be tempting to be the 'cool' babysitter and let them do what parents wouldn't allow, know how to say no when you need to. As previously mentionned, house rules come first. Especially when it's time to go to bed ;)


Like Yoda speak you will

Weird grammar is optional but tends to make the kids laugh. Most importantly, it's your role to be the voice of wisdom!
Also, be as respectuous, polite and patient with parents as you are with children. If the kids misbehave, remember this simple pre-school formula: "I'm gonna tell that to your parents!" Works everytime.
By the way, this rule also applies to your profile and presentation video: always behave like proper ladies and gentlemen!


Speak truly and sincerely

Children can behave like angels... or little demons. Parents know it all too well. So don't hesitate to tell the parents how the babysitting really went! If someone made a mess or got a scratch, you have to say it. Same thing if it all went perfectly. It will only make next time even better.


The families privacy you shall respect

Of course, whatever happens at home stays at home. Politeness, honesty and discretion are key.

But most of all, if you wish to share pictures or videos of the kids (on our Happysitters Instagram Story, for example), do NOT do this without the parents' permission!


Keep everything clean and healthy

Don't leave breadcrumbs on the sofa or dirty dishes laying around. Parents want to find their house the way they left it or even tidier.
Above all: make sure the kids are clean. Microbs are their worst enemies! For example, it's essential that you wash your hands when you arrive, and do it regularly during the babysitting. Parents will love this small attention ;)


Do not open the door to strangers

Not even Santa!
Besides, do not invite anyone over without the parents' permission.


Stay prepared for the unexpected

By unexpected, we're not only talking about being ready when the kids decide to ride the dog around pretending they're knights. We're talking about bumps and scratches.
Ask the parents where the medecine and first aid kits are. It's also important that you know all the emergency numbers. They will tell you what to do if you're in trouble:

Fire & Ambulance: 112 (Europe)
- Police: 101 (Belgium) 17 (France)
- Poison Control Centre (Belgium): 070 245 245
- Poison Control Centre (France): 01 40 05 48 48 Full list here


In case of emergency, call the right number, then the parents as soon as possible. Most of all, stay calm and reassuring for the kids.

Finally, better safe than sorry: avoid any activity that can be harmful to the kids or yourself. If you get hurt, there's little chance they'll be able to help you...


Answer invitations

If you're invited to a babysitting, answer as soon as you can, even if you have to decline. It will help the parent know who can help, or invite more babysitters if needed.
Furthermore, your response time is taken into account to show your profile to the parents. Being quick and responsive puts you forward in their search results!


Let the parent know if you have to cancel

Send a message to the parent if you can no longer help them. If it's at the last minute: call them! This way, you're sure they have time to look for a plan B.
Remember that the parent also gives you a rating if you cancel the babysitting: do not do it lightly or without communicating or you're sure to get a bad rating!


Be on time

There are no ads or trailers before the babysitting begins. Come at the right time!
At the end of the babysitting, do not overstay your welcome. Parents will want to rest when they're back home! If they are late, be patient. The app's indicated end time is just an estimation and they're certainly having a good time thanks to you ;)


Make the most of the app

Bsit has been created to make babysitting easier, and through this, make the parents' and babysitters' lives easier. Organising babysittings outside of the app deprives you of these advantages: in-app payment, complementary insurance, precise counting of the price and points that would put your profile forward and earn you gifts.
So encourage parents to invite you through Bsit and do not give your phone number, Facebook profile or email address in your description, your presentation video or by message. This will encourage them to use the app (and make you both benefit from its advantages) but mostly, it's a matter of safety: that way, only parents who have properly registered their credit card and phone number will be able to contact you.

Have fun babysitting!

The Bsit Team