How to create a Circle

The people we know are those we trust the most. To easily exchange your recommendations between the members of a same group, you can create a Private Circle on Bsit.

How does a Private Circle work?

1. Create the Circle in just a few minutes on myBsit.
2. Communicate the Circle password to your members.
3. They enter it in their app (My Network > My Circles > Private Circles tab)
4. They find Sitters known by the other members on their next searches.

Circle example: French-Connect's expat network

Avantages pour votre communauté:


Parents in your Private Circle find Sitters known by other members.


Access to Bsit's babysitting service is offered for their first sitting on the app.


You reinforce your brand image, gain visibility on Bsit and strengthen your network.


You get an easy to use, easy to implement tool to manage your Circle.

Create a Private Circle in 5min on

Sign up on, and add:

Choose the Circle's visibility:

Share the Circle with your members

Generate a Circle password to communicate to your members. They just need to enter it in their app, under the 'My Circles' tab.

We recommend you to communicate this password on various media to make your members aware of your Circle. We are available to help you achieve that… and even design custom communications together!

Try for yourself:

Create my Bsit Circle

Do you have a question or comment about the Bsit Circles?

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