Declare your Sitters

Even though Bsit helps you get in touch, all babysitters and other childcare providers are actually hired by parents. Here is how you can declare them!

Belgium | Luxemburg

In Belgium, as of October 1st 2014, some intellectual services such as babysitting are considered to be domestic services that shouldn't be declared to the ONSS, provided the following 3 conditions are respected:

  • the activity is occasional
  • the remuneration is limited
  • the activity doesn't go above 8 hours a week for one or more employers

Belgium | Luxemburg

Several childcare (and declaration) options are available:

Babysitting: Having someone keep your children at your home, occasionally. It requires permission from the babysitter's parents if he or she is a minor.

Recurrent childcare: Hiring someone at home.

1. Contract

As an employer, you establish a contract with the people who work at your house regularly.

2. Affiliation Declaration

As an employer you have to make a "déclaration d’affiliation" from the Social Security Common Center (Centre Commun de la sécurité sociale).

3. Employee taxation

Tax collection, declaration and payment are handled by the Common Center at the 'Administration des contributions directes'.

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