Downloading the app is free. For all types of babysitting, parents set the hourly (occasional, daycare and after school babysitting) or daily (holiday babysitting) price. Parents are charged at the end of the babysitting. The babysitting duration and price are calculated automatically. Parents can always adjust the final price if needed. Payment can be made by cash or through the app (provided the babysitters have entered their bank details). +3% banking fee for credit card payments. No charge in case of cancellation.

For parents who are not subscribed to Bsit plus:

Occasional babysitting only: the booking fee amounts to 15 additional minutes of babysitting. It is charged at the end of the babysitting. ex: 5h14 long babysitting > you pay 5h29 (= 1.5€ total bookin fee for a 6€ hourly price).

For parents subscribed to Bsit plus:

Forget all booking fees, the 3-months subscription gives you unlimited access to all of Bsit's features. Learn more >

For babysitters:

it's always free!