Bsit Care: Bsit for companies

Do you dream of making your employees' lives easier? Bsit is at your side to help them!

Work-life balance is one of the main factors of well-being at work:

> 93% of employees struggle to find this balance*,
> 58% consider childcare support from their employer as a determining factor for accepting or declining a job,
> 89% of them think it has a strong impact on their performance.

The solution:

With Bsit Care, you give your employees privileged and unlimited access to the Bsit app, co-branded with your image:

1. Find help quickly for:
> last-minute babysittings,
> recurring babysittings after school,
> bringing a Sitter along on holidays.

2. Share recommendations between friends and colleagues.

3. Have unlimited access to all the app's handy features:
> payments through the app,
> complementary insurance,
> bookings in 3 clicks, geolocation, integrated chat, agenda, history, etc...

4. Benefit from 7/7 customer service.

For your company:

Your team becomes more relaxed and cohesive: a happy employee is on average 31% more efficient and 55% more creative**.

Bsit Care = Trust + Simplicity + Interaction

Finally, more flexibility at work!

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"Bsit was the ideal and most efficient solution to help working parents have more flexibility, better work-life balance and also improve the community among employees."

Clément, HR Director, ADNEOM

"My 6 year old boy sounded so happy on the phone when I called to check, and he was fast asleep when we came home. Our babysitter Rym was polite and soft spoken, she is great with kids."

Sophie, mother using Bsit in Brussels

*Survey: Ligue des Familles 2016
**Kumar V & Pansari A, The Construct, Measurement and Impact of Employee Engagement (2014)