Add insurance to your babysittings... on demand

Organizing a babysitting is all about finding the right person… and the right protection.

From now, for an extra 1€ and an extra click, parents can add a complementary insurance to their babysittings thanks to our insurance partner Chubb.

By adhering to the policy, you insure your children and the Sitter during the babysitting and during the travel time of the Sitter. This is reassuring for you and the babysitters, who are covered in the event of a personal accident.

Two other points:

  1. The insurance has no deductible and is paid directly to the insurance company. Bsit doesn’t make any profit on it
  2. The insurance is optional, which means it does not replaces any legaly obligatory insurances. For this, we advise you to check local regulations (eg: the “Gens de Maison” insurance in Belgium).

You’ll find more details concerning this complementary insurance in Chubb’s Policy Conditions.