Bsit Plus

Bsit makes all your babysittings easier. With Bsit plus, you have even more solutions for your different needs!

Watch over the children after school

Babysitters help you between the end of the schoolday and the end of your workday.
> Have your Sitters come over once or several times a week.
> Ask them to bring the kids back home, help with the homework, play games...
> Forget stress after work!

Staying with you on holidays

Your Sitter comes along on your trip and helps you enjoy your holidays as much as the children.
> Find someone for the duration and destination of your choice.
> Benefit from some welcome help.
> Make the most of your holidays!

Your occasional babysittings

Plan your evening out with unlimited access.
> Book your Sitter even at the last-minute.
> Enjoy a nice and carefree time out.
> Pay in one click with the app and forget about booking fees!

What is ?

Bsit plus is a subscription that makes your app even easier, with more options, more babysittings and more freedom.

In details:

> Access to after school babysittings.
> Access to holiday babysittings.
> Unlimited use with no booking fee.
> 1 000 Boonies to exchange for gifts within the app.

To subscribe, you just have to go on the Upgrade to Bsit plus tab in the app, or organise an after school or holiday babysitting. You can then enjoy priviledged access to Bsit!

Subscribe to Bsit plus on the app