Join a Circle on Bsit

Are you a member of a sports club, an organization or another community? Joining a Circle helps you find Sitters recommended by the other members.

What is a Bsit Circle again?

Members of a same community can find each other's recommandations on Bsit through Circles

They only need to enter a password in their app to see the Sitters recommended by the other members.

How to benefit from the Bsit circles

Join a circle

1. Download the Bsit app for free on
2. Sign up as a parent.
3. Enter the Circle password in the My Circles tab of the app.

See the members’ recommendations

4. Make a babysitting request.
5. Discover the Sitters’ profiles to see who is recommended by your friends and other Circle members.
6. Invite the Sitters of your choice and confirm to your favorite one among those who accept your invitation.

How to get a Circle password

The Circle manager gives the password to the members. Check with your community to know if it is registered as a Circle or create it yourself on myBsit!

Add all your communities

You can manage all your Circles from the My Circles tab in the app and even create a Circle that gathers all your Facebook friends (you don't need a password for this one, just log in to Facebook from Bsit). It will give you this much more trust for your next babysittings!

Manage my Bsit Circles

Do you have a question or comment about the Bsit Circles? We are available by email:

Are you managing a Circle? Log in to!