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« The main idea was to make parents' lives easier and regain some flexibility [...] We tried to do it with an app that's easy, handy, and while we we were at it, pretty. »

Donatienne & Géraldine, co-founders of Bsit

's story

Beginning of 2015. Géraldine and Donatienne, two young mothers working full-time, are tired of how difficult it can be to find a trustworthy babysitter. They soon realize that the childcare world is still quite archaic and inefficient, in an era of digital and collaborative solutions. Then, why not take the matter into their own hands?

This is how Bsit, the collaborative babysitting app, was born. “We wanted to digitalize word-of-mouth" say the founders. In the app, trust is guaranteed by sharing reviews and recommendations among friends, family and colleagues. "Finding a childcare provider who received a good rating from the community is one thing. But if this person has already babysitted for one of your friends? Then it's much more reassuring. The opinion of the people we love, this is what matters most!"

Today, Bsit is multiplying its services to answer all childcare needs - from occasional babysittings to professional, long term care. As always, making parents' lives easier is the priority!



August - Géraldine & Donatienne gather a team around Bsit's idea.
Nov - The app is launched in Belgium.


April - Belgium is fully open. Now on to the rest Europe!
May - The project finds its definitive name: airBsit becomes Bsit.
August - 'Chateaux de Sable' tour on the Atlantic coast.
Nov - Reaching 100 000 users in 1 year.
Dec - International award at 2016 NRJ startup Awards. Launch of the first on-demand complementary insurance in Europe.


Jan - Parent users vote to choose Bsit's next features for 2017. Creation of the first Circles.
March - Launch of the fidelity programs and in-app Shop.
April - Launch of the Bsit plus subscription.
May - Launch of the company offer Bsit Care.
Nov - Launch of Bsit One.


Feb - Launch of the Sitter Piggybank.
March - Expansion of the Circles of trust with schools, private circles...
Jun - Launch of the Shared care service.

Bsit in a few stats

> 300 000 users.
> 46% of sittings organized with someone <1km away from the family home.
> 90% of sitting requests receive a 1st positive answer within the hour.
> 88% of sittings are organized within the week.
> 4 countries: Belgium, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands

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History | Media Kit | Videos | Publications

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History | Media Kit | Videos | Publications

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