Bsit Services

Bsit makes all your sittings easier with two subscription formulas that suit your childcare needs: occasional babysittings, afterschool help and much more!

Occasional babysittings

Plan as many babysittings as you want.
> Book your Sitter even at the last-minute.
> Enjoy a nice and carefree time out.
> Pay in one click with the app!

After school

Find someone long-term to make your evenings easier.
> Have your Sitters come over once or several times a week.
> Ask them to bring the kids back home, help with the homework, play games...
> Forget stress after work!

On holidays

Sitters take care of the children at home or during your travels.
> Book a Sitter for several days.
> Get help at home or bring the Sitter along your family trip.
> Enjoy your time as much as the children do!

Shared Care

Find a family like your own and organize your sittings together.
> Discover families like you and with similar needs.
> Organize your sittings together for more flexibility.
> Share your Sitters and divide your expenses!