How it all began

I still remember vividly the phone call I received from Geraldine in March 2015, as I was on my way to a skiing holiday with the family...

It was the news that set events in motion, as Geraldine confirmed, that we were indeed going to set up a company. Bsit was born, or at least conceived, as the company was registered in the summer in 2015.

Neither Geraldine nor me ever dreamed about becoming startup founders.

The biggest lesson learnt from this amazing 2-year journey (so far), is that by surrounding yourself with the right people, who will encourage you to go after your ideas, who will support you with skills, energy and financing, you can make something truly great!

It all started in 2012, when Geraldine and I met by the coffee machine at the company we’re both working for, while getting to grips with the childcare challenges of new motherhood.

It’s a problem many new mums face: going back to work after maternity leave and falling short of willing helping hands to take care of your baby during the day while at work or in the evening to find precious time with friends and adult company.

It was no different for us as we were quite disappointed by the lack of options to search for readily available childcare. Even if our friends had a trusted babysitter, they were not willing to share them, or if they were, on the condition that whatever comes up, they still had priority.

At the centre of our preoccupation: how do you find a trusted babysitter or nanny, who comes with recommendations, lives close by and can be contacted even on short notice.

Babies and children have a habit of surprising working parents with overnight fevers and illnesses - and many families are faced with early morning dilemmas and stress as to what to do.

Many parents also know the logistics and organisational efforts required to arrange for childcare to enjoy an evening out - either nobody is available, or even just recalling one of those late-night dashes to a cash-machine to pay the babysitter, brings up vivid memories for many.

Once we realised that we shared the very same challenges, and many other new parents were experiencing them too, we started exploring options. Where do you start looking if your friends and family live rather far away, if your friends don’t want to share their babysitters, and if Facebook groups and other platforms don’t offer immediate, confidential matching?

It was the advent of the sharing economy, the first major players were emerging like AirBnB and Bla Bla Car. As soon as Dimitri De Boose, a dad of 4 himself, who is the current CEO of Bsit, joined us, the idea of making parents’ lives easier became reality. We coupled digitalisation and sharing economy principles in one app solution.

Trust and Simplicity: the key building blocks of the Bsit DNA!

Bsit was registered as a company in 2015, and the rest is history. As our group slowly grew from the original 4 co-founders to a startup employing 20 great people, the energy and enthusiasm around the company is growing exponentially. Bsit is built on the trust and shared enthusiasm of the co-founders, and the profound understanding for parents’ struggles and main preoccupation: finding easily a trustworthy babysitter.

The app was launched in November 2015, almost 2 years ago! Download it from here and share your experience!

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