70 000 babysitters later...

De janvier 2016 à janvier 2017, 70.000 babysiters ont rejoint l'app Bsit


You vote, Bsit makes your life easier!

What are the main difficulties you encounter as parents?


Score: Introducing levels and rewards!

From now on you can get to higher levels with your Sitties and even win presents! ;-)


More points for more babysittings!

Amongst your recent feedback, one question is often returning: how do I get more invitations to babysit?


2 ways to find a trustworthy babysitter

It can be hard to find a trustworthy babysitter. But on Bsit, your Friends and Favorites are here to help!


How to find a babysitting job whenever and wherever I want

It's easy to find a babysitting job. It's better to find one that suits you!


4 easy steps to find a babysitter

Finding a babysitter on Bsit is easy. But how easy exactly? Let's take a closer look in 4 tiny steps!